BIOSTATS 691F - Fall 2015
Practical Data Management & Statistical Computing, Section 2
Biostatistics and Epidemiology
UMass Amherst
Instructor: Carol Bigelow

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1. Principles of Data Management

2. Ethical Management of Human Subjects Information

3. MS Excel for Epidemiology

4. Introduction to MS Access

5. Introduction to STATA

6. STATA for Data Description

7. STATA for Graphs

8. STATA for Analysis of One and Two Samples

9. STATA for Normal Theory Regression

10. STATA for Categorical Data Analysis

11. STATA for Logistic Regression

5. Introduction to STATA

BIOSTATS 691F Section 2 - 2015

Lecture Notes 2015, 5. Introduction to STATA version 14

Posted 10/12/2015 (pdf, 84 pp)
Stata Tip - How To Save a Log of Your Session in ".log" format
(pdf, 2 pp)
Stata - A First Session
(pdf, 18 pp)
Reading in text, Acock AC. A Gentle Introduction to Stata, 4th Edition
Chapter 1 - Getting Started
Chapter 2 - Entering Data
Chapter 3 - Preparing for Data Analysis
Chapter 4 - Working with Commands
(Source: UCLA Academic Technology Services) Resources for Learning Stata
(Source: German Rondriguez, Princeton University) Stata Tutorial for Version 14
(Source: Computing at Dartmouth) Frequently Asked Questions about Stata (html)
(Source: Kenneth L. Simons, RPI) A bit advanced but eventually a nice reference
Useful Stata Commands (Written for version 12 but fine for version 13)
Homework#6 due Monday October 19, 2015
Questions (pdf, 3 pp)
SOLUTIONS to Homework #6

Solutions (pdf, 9 pp)

Homework #7 due Monday November 26, 2015
Questins (pdf, 4 pp)
Download homework7a.dta
Download homework7b.dta
SOLUTIONS to Homework #7
Solutions (pdf, 8 pp)

Stata Tutorials on YouTube

VIDEO (Source: StataCorp LP) TUTORIAL: Quick Tour of Stata (5:25)
VIDEO (Source: StataCorp LP) TUTORIAL: Quick Help in Stata (3:25) (video, 3:25)
VIDEO (Source: StataCorp LP) TUTORIAL: Import Excel into Stata (1:23) (video, 1:23)

Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE) at UCLA - Resources for Learning Stata

(Source: IDRE UCLA ) Stata Starter Kit
with VIDEOS (Source: IDRE UCLA) Stata Class Notes (html)

(Source: IDRE UCLA) Stata Learning Modules

(Source: IDRE UCLA) Stata - Data Management Modules (html)



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