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Methods in Macromolecular Crystallography!

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This journal club is organized by Karsten Theis, Scott Garman, and Jeanne Hardy. We share a common interest in structural biology, including X-ray crystallographic techniques. Our labs are all located on the 10th floor of Lederle Tower, along with the X-ray diffraction facility.

If you are looking for the home page of the UMass X-ray diffraction facility, you can find it here.

If you are looking for Karsten Theis' home page, it is here, while Scott Garman's home page is here, and Jeanne Hardy's is here.

Pictures of the UMass Macromolecular X-ray Diffraction facility open house are here.

Papers for journal club can be found here.

Spring 2006 Journal Club Schedule (BMB 695a, Methods in Macromolecular Crystallography):

Journal Club meets Mondays at 9:00 in 703. Participants can pick from our suggestions for papers (or pick their own after thumbs-up from Jeanne, Scott or Karsten). Download pdfs of papers by following the links below.

Journal Club Presenter
6 Feb 06
Mike Murphy
Guerrero et al 2001
13 Feb 06
Abby Guce
Lichty et al 2005
(Tue) 21 Feb 06
Nicole Caci
Jancaric et al 2004
27 Feb 06
Sravanti Vaidya
Adachi et al 2003
6 Mar 06
Rishi Arora
Luan et al 2004
13 Mar 06
Mathias Stotz
Derewenda et al 2006
20 Mar 06
No meeting: Spring Break
27 Mar 06
M. Selase Enuameh
D'Arcy et al 2003
3 Apr 06
Kristen Huber
Garman and Owen 2006
10 Apr 06
Rob Smock
Heras and Martin 2005
(Wed) 19 Apr 06
Annie Marcelino
Salamitou et al 2005
24 Apr 06
Jenny Maki
Varrot and Davies 2003
1 May 06
Dave Montefusco
Kim et al 2002
8 May 06
Mona Gupta
Terwilliger 2003
15 May 06
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