Chem/Biochem 657: Drug Design Spring 15
T&Th 1:00pm
ISB 329

Instructors:   Jeanne A. Hardy (, 745A Lederle Tower, 5-3486)
  Scott C. Garman (, 1021K Lederle Tower, 7-4488)
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Date Topic Notes Reading:

required and optional

  Introductory material


Plagiarism links

Drug design glossary;

T Jan 20 JAH: Introduction to course; Drug discovery timeline part 1  


Th Jan 22 JAH: Introduction to protein-ligand binding  


T Jan 27 No class meeting: Snow day!  


Th Jan 29

JAH: Ligand binding /

SCG: Drug discovery timeline part 2, Lead optimization to clinical trials



T Feb 3 SCG: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics


Th Feb 5 SCG: Introduction to transmembrane receptors  
T Feb 10

Exam 1



Th Feb 12 Meaghan Richmond, AstraZeneca: Patents and intellectual property



T Feb 17 No class meeting: Monday class schedule    
Th Feb 19

Discussion: Richmond

Leaders: Alyssa, Chris, Meaghan



T Feb 24

Mark Murcko, Disruptive Biomedical: Cystic fibrosis case study


Th Feb 26

Discussion: Murcko

Leaders: Amy, Greg, Lauren, Yuzhou



T Mar 3 Chris Lipinski, Melior Discovery: Reducing lead time



Th Mar 5

Discussion: Lipinski

Leaders: David, Di, Elizabeth

T Mar 10

Woody Sherman, Schrödinger: Computer-aided drug discovery



Th Mar 12

Discussion: Sherman

Leaders: Chengfeng, Henry, Maryam, Michael McD

  Spring Break    
T Mar 24

Joanna Swain, Bristol-Myers Squibb: Protein pharmaceuticals



Th Mar 26

Discussion: Swain

Leaders: Anthony, Sandra, Selomé

T Mar 31 Jonathan O'Connell, Forma Therapeutics: High-throughput screening  


Th Apr 2

Ravi Kurumbail, Pfizer: Applications of structure-based drug design


T Apr 7

Discussion: O'Connell

Leaders: Anna, Vincent, Yasaman



Th Apr 9

Discussion: Kurumbail

Leaders: Alex, Cameron, Joseph, Mahalia


F Apr 10 Field Trip to Vertex Pharmaceuticals (optional)

Vertex directions

T Apr 14

No class


Th Apr 16

Discussion: Vertex trip

Leaders: Derrick, Dillon, Michael MacM

T Apr 21

Thomas Keating, ImmunoGen: Antibody-drug conjugates

Th Apr 23

Discussion: Keating

Leaders: Cara, Rob, Swarna

T Apr 28

Wrap up



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HIV protease, PDB code 1w5x
Acetylcholinesterase, PDB code 1gqr
Neuraminidase with tamiflu, PDB code 1l7f
COX-2 with inhibitor, PDB code 1cx2
Rhodopisin, PDB code 2i37