COMM 140: Introduction to Film Studies
Fall 2017
Marty Norden


As you know, you'll be writing a paper on one of the films to be screened in our class. Here is the list of the films, along with the names of the students I have assigned to each film. If you did not submit any preferences, I simply assigned you to a film at random. The date that follows each film title is the DUE DATE for papers on that film. (Remember, you should submit a hard copy of your paper to me at the *beginning* of the lecture class period on that date.) If you can't find your name by eyeballing the list, try using your computer's "find" function, which is typically enabled by pressing the Command and "F" keys. If your name does not appear below, please contact me immediately.

If you have any questions about the form and content of the paper, please review the information I provided on the syllabus and then contact me.

Living in Oblivion (papers due Tues., Oct. 3)
	Anthony Amaral
	Christopher Galofaro
	Jonny Kelley
	Jacob Pazos
	Michael Senfuma
	Hawke Sleigh
	Joseph Spinale
	Theodore Warmington

Seconds (papers due Tues., Oct. 3)
	Jeffrey Barron
	Simeon Brown
	Lydia Hallett	
	Emily Keup
	Makenna Klay
	Joe McKeever
	Colin O'Brien
	Nicholas Ricci
	Timothy Sorota
	Michael Sullivan

Citizen Kane (papers due Tues., Oct. 3)
	Joseph Agostinoni
	Matthew Berman
	Connor Frechette-McCall
	Liz Goldstein
	Noah Habbe
	Ruben Isagulov
	Samuel Knight
	Blake Kostas
	Will Kostick
	Justin Petrie
	Siena Small
	Aaron Tsui

Doubt (papers due Thur., Oct. 12)
	Paige Carney
	Michael Connelly
	Renee Francolini
	Ophtavia Green
	Alexander Hur
	Lauren LaMagna
	Gi Luong
	Kayla McMillan
	Daniel Murphy
	Jared Sarnie
	Casey White
	Zachary Wilber

Rear Window (papers due Tues., Oct. 17)
	Brendan Bouthillette
	Jacob Flynn
	Ashley Guertin
	Caroline Kearns
	Zheyi Lin
	Noah Meunier
	Jason Miller
	Rachel Strom
	Michael Tong
	Uriel Tyler
	Gregory Weinstein
	Ethan Weiss

The Conversation (papers due Tues., Oct. 31)
	Stanley Acevedo
	Isaac Blodgett
	Christopher Burgess
	Thomas De Souza
	Michael Garfinkle
	Emma Kristoffy
	Alexander Maclean
	Brendan McPherson
	Taylor Nolen
	Jacob Sturtz
	Charles Vadala
	Andrew Zanella

Collateral (papers due Tues., Nov. 7)
	Kyle Balis	
	Luis Canches
	Troy Healy
	Sean Hickey
	Aidan Knowles
	Michee Mande
	Katherine Mullen
	Richard Rosazza
	Michela Sandberg
	Alec Silverman
	Zachary Tretter
	Elaine Wu

Moulin Rouge (papers due Tues., Nov. 14)
	Sabine Adorney
	Meryem Boujane	
	Leith Boutiba
	Sophia Coughlin
	Caileigh Hickox
	David Huang
	Nicole Morin
	Keegan Mullins
	Maxwell Robertson
	Antonia Ventola
	Felicia Whiting
	Qili Yang

City of Gold / High School (papers due Tues., Nov. 28)
NOTE: Each student listed below may write a paper on EITHER City 
of Gold or High School.
	Alexander Cantor
	Weizhong Chen
	Ryan Goffman
	Samuel Lacroix
	Kyle Lai
	Brock Mangiacotti
	Stephen McCudden
	Jacob Morizio
	Jacqueline O'Brien
	Sandra Seoane-Seri
	Kaelyn Shelley
	Glenn Spear

Oil & Water (papers due Tues., Dec. 5)
	Trey Cruz
	Patrick Flynn
	Mecca Gonzalez
	Samuel Hamilton
	Jehangir Havaldar
	Caitlin McCarthy
	Kaitlin McCarthy
	Efrain Ortiz
	Jacob Parla
	Tarikk Reed
	Rachel Symes
	Francesca Tonelli

Waltz with Bashir (papers due Tues., Dec. 12)
	Eric Cimino
	Christian Correa
	Wafi Habib Mohamad
	Yuchen Hong	
	Stefan Karayan
	Virginia Lewis
	Gregory Mancinelli
	Kathryn McGovern
	Paul Morrison
	Monika Schulze
	Anthony Vo

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