Economic Theory Workshop
Fall, 2014

Mon., Sept. 22 Naoki Yoshihara

Technical Change, Capital Accumulation, and Income Distribution

Tue., Sept. 30* Maximilian Kasy
  Who Wins, Who Loses? Tools for Distributional Policy Evaluation
Tue., Oct. 7*
Cristina Marcuzzo
  Winner or Loser? Keynes and the Interwar Commodity Option Market
Mon., Oct. 20 Sam Bowles &
Sun-Ha Hwang

  The Liberal Trilemma: Why Pareto Efficiency, Private Property, and Preference Neutrality Are Not Jointly Possible
Mon., Nov. 10 Alex Coram &
Bob Pollin
  Energy and Climate Change
Mon., Nov. 17  Tetsuji Kawamura   Crisis in the New Global Economic Growth Nexus and Changing Frameworks for Emerging Economies: An Asian Perspective
Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3
Mon., Nov. 24 Erik Olsen
(Univ. Missouri, KC)
  The Effect of Employee Ownership on Labor Supervision and Discipline
Mon., Dec. 1 Bernhard Schutz
  Debt, Boom, Bust: A Theory of Minsky-Veblen Cycles


9th Floor Conference Room
Thompson Hall
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Except as noted, all sessions are on Mondays and begin at 4:00 PM.

When and if available, papers will be posted at:


 *Please note the Tuesday date.