Economic Theory - Political Economy Workshop
Spring, 2014

Thu., Feb. 27* Costas Lapavitsas
(Univ. of London)

Underlying Trends and Variable Forms of Financialization

3rd floor Conference Room, Gordon Hall

Mon., Mar., 10 Andrew Jalil
(Occidental Col.)
  A New History of Banking Panics in the US, 1825-1929: Construction and Implications
Mon., Mar. 31
Prasanta Pattanaik
  The Existence of Nash Equilibria in Quasi-Games
Mon., Apr. 7 Roberto Veneziani
(Queen Mary U.)
  The Measurement of Labor Content: A General Approach
Wed., Apr. 23**   Ceren Soylu   Land Acquisition and Collective Action: Mining Conflicts in Latin America
Mon., Apr. 28 Pasquale De Muro   Which Dimensions Should Matter for Well-Being: A Constitutional Approach


9th Floor Conference Room (unless otherwise specified)
Thompson Hall
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Except as noted, all sessions begin at 4:00 PM.

When and if available, papers will be posted at:


 *Please note the Thursday date and the change in location.

** Please note the Wednesday date. This Wednesday has a Monday schedule.