Economic Theory Workshop
Fall, 2014

Mon., Sept. 22 Naoki Yoshihara

Technical Change, Capital Accumulation, and Income Distribution

Tue., Sept. 30* Maximilian Kasy
  Who Wins, Who Loses? Tools for Distributional Policy Evaluation
Tue., Oct. 7*
Cristina Marcuzzo
  Winner or Loser? Keynes and the Interwar Commodity Option Market
Mon., Oct. 20 Sam Bowles &
Sun-Ha Hwang

  The Liberal Trilemma: Why Pareto Efficiency, Private Property, and Preference Neutrality Are Not Jointly Possible
Mon., Nov. 10 Alex Coram   Social Choice: Some Simple Calculus
Mon., Nov. 17  Tetsuji Kawamura   Crisis in the New Global Economic Growth Nexus and Changing Frameworks for Emerging Economies: An Asian Perspective
Mon., Nov. 24 Erik Olsen
(Univ. Missouri, KC)
  The Effect of Employee Ownership on Labor Supervision and Discipline


9th Floor Conference Room
Thompson Hall
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Except as noted, all sessions are on Mondays and begin at 4:00 PM.

When and if available, papers will be posted at:


 *Please note the Tuesday date.