"As I sit and reflect on what I have learned in class I can only smile. I have gone through a big transformation."
EDUC 395Z is co-sponsored by the Office of Programs and Services for ALANA Students (OPSAS), Integrative Learning Initiative. For more information, please call:

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for EDUC 395Z?

Registration for EDUC 395Z is by permission of the instructor. You cannot register yourself on SPIRE, and your advisor can't register you either. The only way to get into this class is to fill out a placement form.

Does EDUC 395Z fulfill any gen ed requirements?

No. We wish it did. But for now, EDUC 395Z is an elective.

Does EDUC 395Z fulfill a diversity requirement?

No. We wish it did. But for now, EDUC 395Z is really just an elective.

Does EDUC 395Z count toward my Education major or minor?

Yes! EDUC 395Z is a graded, 3-credit class in the School of Education. As such, it counts toward an Education major or minor.

I'm not an Education major, but this class seems like it should count for my major, too. Does it?

Maybe. In some cases, EDUC 395Z may be able to count toward a major or minor other than Education. To find out if this is possible for you, you should speak directly with your advisor about it.

What is the dealine for handing in a placement form for EDUC 395Z?

Please hand in your placement form as soon as possible. We will begin placing people in sections in early December. The sooner you turn in your placement form, the more likely we will be able to place you in your first choice section.

EDUC 395Z doesn't fit in my schedule this semester. Can I take it next year?

Of course! EDUC 395Z is offered every Spring. The class will be offered again next year.

I took EDUC 395Z last year, and I want to take another topic this year. Can I still get credit?

Yes! As long as you enroll in a different section, you can get credit twice. (So, if you did Race/Ethnicity before, you can't do Race/Ethnicity again. But you can do any other section.) If you are in this situation, please be sure to explain that on your placement form, so we don't put you in a section you've already done. We'll help you to complete the necessary paperwork so that you can get credit.

I took EDUC 395Z last year, and I want to help recruit participants for this year! How can I help?

Great! We are always glad for volunteers, especially during the first three weeks in November. First of all, tell your friends, and refer them to this web site. If you want some fliers to hang up, or if you have a few hours you can donate to help us out, contact us at umassdialogue@yahoo.com.

More questions?

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, or somewhere else on the website, please ask us!

For general questions about the course or if you want to get into the course, e-mail the recruitment coordinators at umassdialogue@yahoo.com.

If you are already enrolled in the course and you have questions about course assignments, requirements, or schedule, e-mail us at umassdialogue@yahoo.com.

For questions about the Multiversity Research Project, or about becoming involved in Intergroup Dialogues at the graduate level, e-mail Professor Ximena Zúñiga.