"My perceptions of people have changed. I learned many new skills, and I have been inspired to continue to work for change"
EDUC 395Z is co-sponsored by the Office of Programs and Services for ALANA Students (OPSAS), Integrative Learning Initiative. For more information, please call:

General Course Requirements

  • Attendance & Participation. Since much of the learning takes place during the weekly meetings of each dialogue group, it is very important that you attend every session and participate actively.
  • Readings. Each week there will be a reading assignment (30-35 pages on average), that will help you to prepare for the upcoming class. We try to assign readings that are fun and engaging as well as informative.
  • Weekly logs. Each week you will write a 3 page log reflecting on the previous session and thinking ahead to the next session. Your facilitators will provide you with specific questions to use in preparing each week's log. (You can also see some examples of log questions in the sample syllabi below).
  • Intergroup Collaboration Project. In a group of 4-5 dialogue participants, you will work cooperatively to prepare and carry out an intergroup collaboration project of your choice, and report on it to the larger group.
  • Final Reflection Paper. You will write an 8-10 page paper reflecting on your experience in the dialogue group and what you learned. Detailed guidelines for the paper will be provided in class.

Course Syllabi

Below are copies of our Spring 2008 course syllabi.