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Welcome to the Center for International Education's Learning in Post-Conflict Situations website. The site was developed during the initial course organized during the spring semester of 2001. The content of the site is the result of the creative and thought-provoking discussions, papers, and presentations of the graduate students and faculty who took part in the course.

For the Fall 2002 we have added new material: particularly readings, website links, and a new syllabus, reflecting the dynamic changes in this field, and building on the work of last year.

On this site you will find a rich source of information in the Web-ography, which links to ongoing research and analysis in the field, some key papers provided on line and a theme-based collection of resources, papers provided by course participants and facilitators, and a syllabus of the course. One of the objectives for the course is to continually develop this site, adding key papers, resources and links, and to post On-line papers written by course participants and facilitators. This will both facilitate our own learning and capacity and provide a window of communication to those outside the course interested in learning about our work.

We welcome your suggestions and contributions for this course. Please email any website links or online paper contributons to Dwaine Lee at We are looking for one or more course participants to take on this task and need volunteers to be trained.



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