Logic Rules!

Introduction to Logic

UMass Philosophy 110
Kevin C. Klement — Fall 2013
Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00—2:15pm in 106 Thompson
An introduction to symbolic logic, including sentential and predicate logic. Its purpose is to familiarize you with certain formal methods for representing and evaluating arguments and inferences. These methods can be used not only for philosophy, but for any subject matter. Like mathematics, the methods you will learn are highly abstract, formal and symbolic. If math is not your strong suit, be prepared to devote extra time to this course. This is an analytical reasoning (R2) course.
Interactive Homework and Practice Exams
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Course Syllabus (PDF)
Includes details about requirements, contact info and the course schedule.
Online Textbook
Semantics of Sentential Logic
Unit 1 Lecture Notes (PDF) Practice Exam 1 (PDF) Practice Exam 1 Answers (PDF)
Derivations in Sentential Logic
Unit 2 Lecture Notes (PDF) Practice Exam 2 (PDF) Practice Exam 2 Answers (PDF)
Semantics of Predicate Logic
Unit 3 Lecture Notes (PDF) Practice Exam 3 (PDF) Practice Exam 3 Answers (PDF)
Derivations in Predicate Logic
Unit 4 Lecture Notes (PDF) Practice Exam 4 (PDF) Practice Exam 4 Answers (PDF)
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