Logic Rules!

UMass Philosophy 110

Introduction to Logic

Spring 2016 – Professor Kevin Klement

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00–2:15pm in Thompson 106

Course Description

An introduction to symbolic logic, including sentential and predicate logic. Its purpose is to familiarize you with certain formal methods for representing and evaluating arguments and inferences. These methods can be used not only for philosophy, but for any subject matter. Like mathematics, the methods you will learn are highly abstract, formal and symbolic. If math is not your strong suit, be prepared to devote extra time to this course. This is an analytical reasoning (R2) course.

Final Exams

Exams #5 and #6 will be given, together, on Friday, April 29th, 10:30am–12:30pm, in 106 Thompson, during Finals Week.

Course Resources

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes take the form of interactive web pages. On screen, sometimes answers to problems are hidden. Sometimes, you can try answering them yourselves, but a correct answer is always given. On screen, that answer can be revealed by clicking on it. The answer should always appear if the notes are printed. If you have any troubles, let Kevin know.


One way to complete the homework assignments is by means of interactive web pages, where you can answer a question and have the computer check if your answer is correct.

Click here to view the online homework page.

Alternatively, you can view the exercises in the textbook, and write your answers on paper. Answers are also given in the textbook, though for some problems, only one of many possible correct answers is given.

Practice Exams

Each practice exam is available either as an interactive web page, or as PDF to print.

Unit 1 practice exam

For exam 1: Feb. 9th

Unit 2 practice exam

For exam 2: March 3rd

Unit 3 practice exam

For exams 3 and 5: March 31 and finals

Unit 4 practice exam

For exams 4 and 6: April 21st and finals

Logic Tools