6C10.10: Single Slit and Laser

Description: This demonstration shows the diffraction pattern of laser light passing through a single slit.

Equipment: Setup Procedure:
  1. Insert the laser into the optical bench.
  2. Insert the magnetic stand into the optical bench.
  3. Place the single slit slide on the magnetic slide holder.
  4. Place the magnetic slide holder onto the magnetic stand and align so the laser will shin on the slit.
  5. Setup in the classroom to allow for the most distance between the laser and screen.
Demonstration Procedure:
  1. Turn on the laser and make sure it's lined up on the desired slit.
  2. (Optional) Turn off the lights.
  3. Note the diffraction pattern on the screen.
  4. You may repeat this using different slit widths.
  5. When finished, turn off the laser.
Caution, Laser Laser Light
Do not stare into the beam. Keep away from students eyes.

Note: For large classes, a camera can be used to project the pattern on another screen, although the quality will be worse.