Readings and Resources



     Alternative or Sustainable Agriculture (handout)


     Making Sustainable Agriculture Work (handout)


     Success in farm start-ups in the Northeastern United States


     Agroecology or Input Substitution


     Rethinking government policies for growing farmers


     Fifty Million Farmers


     How Sustainable Agriculture Can Address the Environmental and Human Health Harms of Industrial Agriculture


     Models of Sustainability


     A Farm Economy State of the Union Address


     A systemic definition of Sustainable Agriculture based on the systems iceberg


     A simple iceberg


     A chapter from The Town that Food Saved


     The Omnivore's Delusion: Against Agri-intellectuals

     Response from Treehugger

     Response from Part I

     Response from Part II

     Hurst the hero


     My blogs on Sustainable Food and Farming


     My recipe for pumpkin bread (made from squash)