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Resource Economics 462/797B:
Experimental Economics

Spring 2012

Class Times
Days: Tue Thu
Time: 2:30-3:45 PM
Location: 114 Stockbridge Hall
Lab: 306 Stockbridge Hall
John M. Spraggon
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(413) 545-6651 (voice)
(413) 545-5853 (fax)
Office Hours
By appointment
University of Massachusetts
Dept. of Resource Economics
217B Stockbridge Hall
Amherst , MA 01003

Learn more about the growing field of experimental economics that was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

About once a week, students will actively participate in an economics experiment. This gives students the opportunity to experience economics first-hand and learn how people actually respond to economic incentives.

These experiments are a lot of fun and are a great break from the typical everyday lecture format! All majors are welcome!

Topics will include:

  • How do notions of fairness and reciprocity factor into individual economic decisions?
  • Can we explain why people voluntarily contribute to providing public goods, maintain a common pool resource or engage in collective action?
  • How and why do markets work? When do they fail?
  • How do we design new markets (e.g., electricity deregulation)?
  • How can private property rights be used to facilitate more efficient use of our natural resources and provide improved environmental quality?