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Welcome to the webpage for Soft solids and Complex Fluids, an annual summer school for graduate students  in soft matter and statistical physics hosted by the Physics Department at UMass Amherst.  We are holding this year's school from Sunday June 2nd, to Thursday June 6th, 2013.

Application Deadline: CLOSED.

There is a growing level of activity in physics departments in fields whose concepts and practices are inspired by the ideas and methods of classical condensed matter and statistical physics. These include liquid crystals, granular matter, solid mechanics, polymeric and colloidal physics and micro-fluidics, as well as biophysics. However, courses in the basic techniques common to these areas do not find a standard place in graduate curricula of most physics departments.  This school helps fill this need.

This year's courses and lecturers will be -

Irreversible phenomena in colloids Tom Witten University of Chicago
Entropic assembly of particulate matter Vinothan Manoharan Harvard University
Introduction to Pattern Formation Shankar Venkataramani University of Arizona
Physics of DNA Rudi Podgornik Josef Stefan Institute


Our target audience consists of graduate students who are early in their career in a research group.  Our lecturers will anticipate that you have a standard background in graduate classical and quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical mechanics and the associated mathematical methods.  If you are a graduate student who meets this description, please do visit our application page to apply.  

Supported by

We are grateful for the support of the UMass College of Natural Sciences, the APS topical Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (GSNP), and the NSF-funded Materials Science and Engineering Centers at UMass Amherst, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania.



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